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We help Berkeley founders build the foundations for great businesses.

The House Fund is the first fund fully focused on Berkeley

We saw a large, unmet need for more funding at the earliest stages. We believe the most interesting opportunities come from partnering with exceptional founders at the earliest stages of a company’s life cycle. We like to be the first investors, or partner as part of a Pre-Seed, Seed, or Series A syndicate.

We make 2 types of investments


Up to $250,000

We like to be the first investor and are also happy to participate as part of a syndicate.
Early Stage

Up to $500,000

We like to follow a strong lead investor and participate as part of a Seed or Series A syndicate.

Berkeley founders produce Billions

We are a team of operators who have built and sold pioneering companies.

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Annie Tsai
Part-Time Partner
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Arjun Arora
Part-Time Partner
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Jason Wang
Part-Time Partner
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The House Fund is the go-to source of capital and support for Berkeley alumni, faculty, and student founders. This enormous community – over 50,000 faculty, students, and researchers on campus, and another 500,000 living alumni – encompasses some of the world’s leading technologists, founders, and executives. Berkeley founders have built, and continue to build, the innovation and companies that have defined Silicon Valley and the technological revolutions of the last several decades. From iconic companies like Apple, Intel, Softbank, and Tesla, to the next generation of market leaders like Databricks, Tanium, Warby Parker, and TubeMogul, Cal founders have created and defined markets, created billions in market value and impacted over one billion lives. This is why we brought on Part-Time Partners to bring to bear the operational expertise of Berkeley’s latest wave of successful founders. At The House Fund, we focus our time and resources within this incredible talent pool to build community and real relationships at the earliest stages with the next great Cal founders. We are all in on Berkeley, limiting our investments to only companies with at least 1 Cal affiliated founder. The House Fund was founded by Berkeley community leaders and builders who for the last eight years have been helping to enable and accelerate the growth of the Berkeley ecosystem and its startups. Our fund is proudly backed by the University of California Endowment, enabling us to capture and return value to the University.

Berkeley is a global center for AI

We are world renown AI researchers who bring next generation technology to market.

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Michael Jordan
Faculty Partner
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Dawn Song
Faculty Partner
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Ion Stoica
Faculty Partner
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Kurt Keutzer
Faculty Partner
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Pieter Abbeel
Faculty Partner
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Trevor Darrell
Faculty Partner
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Many people know and understand that UC Berkeley is a world-class academic institution, particularly in engineering disciplines. Most, however, don’t realize just how dominant Berkeley is within computer science and artificial intelligence research. As just one case study, Science recently conducted an analysis of the most influential computer scientists globally. The #1 most influential computer scientists globally is on our team – Michael Jordan – a pioneering figure in machine learning. In the same analysis, 4 of the 10 are from UC Berkeley and UC Berkeley has more affiliates on this list than any other academic institution. Amidst this backdrop of world-leading computer science and AI talent, we have doubled down on building world-class support for AI founders by launching AI@The House and bringing onboard six leading AI faculty onto our Fund team as Faculty Partners. Our Faculty Partners are engaged in supporting our portfolio founders, sourcing and evaluating new opportunities, and more.

We invest first, with conviction

We have been building and supporting Berkeley startups for the last decade.

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Jeremy Fiance
Founder & Managing Partner
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Cameron Baradar
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Brett Wilson
Venture Partner
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We partner with founders at the earliest stages. We invest early and with conviction, typically as the first investor. We like to invest in the first round of a startup's lifecycle, whether that be a Pre-Seed, Seed, or in unique cases, a Series A round. Our team invests significant time and resources into our investments to help build the foundations of these businesses. We pair them with world-class technologists and entrepreneurs for mentorship. Our portfolio support platform helps founders with recruiting, customer introductions, $500,000+ in free and discounted services, and business building best practices and relationships that help founders focus on what matters most. We support our companies over time by investing in subsequent financing rounds and support with future fundraising from other value-add investors. Our portfolio has raised over $700M in follow on financing in the last three years.
The energy, network and resources that The House brings to Berkeley are changing the landscape of entrepreneurship at Cal. They are bringing together the best resources and building a pathway of support for founders at all stages — whether it’s one of my students or a serial entrepreneur — to be successful. Berkeley has been waiting for this.
Scott Shenker
Founder, Nefeli Networks & Nicira | Professor, EECS
We are excited to work with The House Fund to invest in UC innovation and build a pioneering University venture fund.
Jagdeep Bachher
Chief Investment Officer, UCOP
Amit Kumar
Partner, Accel Partners
Accel believes deeply in the potential of the Berkeley ecosystem. As an EECS grad and founder myself, I’m excited to continue working closely with The House to build the next generation of iconic Cal companies
Jeff Brody
Partner, Redpoint Ventures
The House is long overdue. The opportunity at Berkeley is tremendous. It’s been more difficult than we like to find all those opportunities... The House provides a single source of opportunities for us Series A investors.
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