LaTrisha Hollines

Executive Administrator, since 2019
Little-known secret about you?
I was born in Madrid, Spain.
Bucket List item?
Visit Patagonia + the Easter Islands.
Favorite ice breaker?
Two truths and a lie
Creating opportunity within a community of individuals motivated to contribute meaningful positive change to the VC/investment ecosystem.

After relocating to the Bay Area, LaTrisha was inspired by the exciting growth and innovation in Silicon Valley. Following her desire to infuse diversity into the foundational building blocks of innovative companies, LaTrisha worked supporting the General Counsel and CFO at BrightRoll. As a key member of the diligence team for the acquisition of BrightRoll by Yahoo!, LaTrisha was excited to learn more about funding structures, and subsequently joined True Ventures. During her time at True Ventures, LaTrisha was a contributing member of the operational team as well as the firm's recruiting efforts for True Ventures' Fellowship opportunities.

In her free time, LaTrisha enjoys hiking, canoeing, and is looking forward to resuming global jaunts.